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We offer to supply Flexible Production Module SM-600 for woodworking.


  • The tools SM-600F4 for flat-raised milling (both new and that with minimum running period)
  • The system "Mikrolid-62" or new system SC
  • Personal computer for preparing and entering of controlling programs with extended applied system of programme provision AUTOCAD
  • The system DPAL (device for preparing air and liquids)
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Supply available from Ukraine or Russia.

We fulfil starting-adjustment and alignments jobs and provide personnel training (operators, programmers - users of AUTOCAD-applied). We have theoretical and practical course on specialists training within 5-7 days.

If necessary, our specialists take part in the equipment mounting.

Service and modernization

Specialists - designers of the enterprise deal with the improvement of serial equipment and development of new products.

Orientations of operation:
  1. Reduction of compressed air consumption;
  2. Improvement of features in linear engines and axis drives;
  3. Application of different types of milling heads and instruments for them;

When warranty obligations are terminated we offer various agreements in technical maintenance in which any new designing will be offered for equipment in operation.

We offer supply of the spare parts SM600F4 on your demand and need.

Additional information

We offer to supply, both new tools, and those with small run periods, parameters of which are brought in correspondence to requirements of technical documents.

Tools SM-600F4 have a large reliability potential, so that it is possible to level restored tools for new equipment practically in all parameters of their functional purposel.

Main advantage of the restored equipment supply is its low price.

GPM supply based on new controlling system provides additional functions and improvement of features:

  • increase of displacement velocity is 0,25 m/sec to 0,5 m/sec;
  • increase of positioning accuracy is 0,01mm to 0,005mm;
  • entering the controlling programs is in GM-codes;
  • fulfilment of controlling programs from the given frame, in which the program was interrupted;
  • heading the protocol for tool functioning;
  • work of the operator board with systems Windows98 / WindowsMe / Windows2000 / WindowsXP;
  • display of whole information on computer monitor;
  • assembled with imported accessory application;
  • small dimension.

  • 3D model of decorative elements see - HERE

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