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Woodcarving with software-controlled tool is profitable business

Woodcarving with software-controlled tool using manual carving is what can add to modern products some special flavour and under small expenses for production give significant increase in profitability

Equipment, which will be spoken about, has no analogue on the national market. This is a high-powered software-controlled tool SM600F4, which have four zones of simultaneous processing, that develops capacity up to 1000 kg. inch. of carving within one shift.

Given equipment can attract greater enterprises with furniture and joiner's directivity, as well as beginners in wood working, due to its short payback period.

We recommend you:

  • to study the real demand for products with carvings;
  • to choose the assortment of products and artistic design;
  • to find out local potential of woodworking and furniture enterprises;
  • to create a high-quality advertisement and own marketing service;

  • and than earn on woodcarving production, pleasing your consumers with new models applying carving

Payback depends certainly on loading of the tool (availability of orders). Rated payback with 8 hours working day in one shift approximately five months .

You will be able to produce:

  • overlay decorative elements of interior and furniture;
  • souvenir products: small boxes, kitchen boards;
  • frames for mirrors, pictures;
  • furniture strips;
  • furniture fronts with figured carving of frames and carving on panels;
  • door panels, cornices, platbands;
  • high-precision patterns and templates.

3D model of decorative elements see - HERE

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